How To Save On Gas Usage As Gas Prices Keep Going Higher

As I write this article oil prices are near 100 a barrel and the price for a gallon of 87 octane gas where I live in Northwest Florida just went to 3.05 per gallon! Since I drive a Nissan Titan Crew Cab and don’t get the greatest gas mileage I am a little agitated. Here are some things that you can do to help reduce the consumption of gasoline with your vehicle.

One of the biggest culprits contributing to poor fuel economy is lack of regular maintenance. It is crucial to keep your car tuned up regularly so that it will make the most efficient use of the fuel. Another maintenance item that contributes to bad fuel economy is dirty air filters which can reduce your mileage by ten percent or more.

You need to avoid jackrabbit starts and stops as well keeping a steady rate of speed when driving can help you avoid wasting as much as a third of the fuel you are using. At the current gas prices you could save nine dollars for every ten gallons of gas. If you have cruise control on your vehicle use it to keep your driving steady and save gas.

If you have alternate routes you can take that are less trafficked than your normal one use them to avoid the stops and starts. You should also keep from using the clutch excessively.

One thing many people don’t think about is how temperature affects your gas usage buying your fuel in the morning hours or late at night will help you get more for your money when fueling up.

If you are on the highway you should keep your windows rolled up to avoid wind drag. This is another big waster of gasoline. The friction or drag that occurs when your windows are down completely goes against any aerodynamic styling your car may have.

The operation of the air conditioning is another thing that is a major fuel waster if it is at all possible you should only use the AC when absolutely necessary. If you must use it do so sparingly and at the lowest settings in order to get the best fuel economy.

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If your wait time is going to be longer than a minute or so turn the engine off. If you let your engine idle more than that you are using more fuel than restarting the car would. This is another big fuel burner that many people don’t think about.

If you have Jimmy Hoffa in your drunk dump him. Seriously if you have a lot of unnecessary stuff in your car get rid of it. Excessive weight can also waste gas at a much higher rate.

Keep your tires at the proper and recommended levels for your vehicle to get the best fuel economy. If your tires are under inflated or over inflated it will make a difference in fuel usage.

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How To Save On Gasoline Costs By Reducing Fuel Consumption

Skyrocketing fuel prices have made us all rethink and reconsider the use of fuel run automobiles in our homes. The majority of American homes own at least two or more cars or trucks and with rising fuel prices the average American budget has gone all out of control. At a time like this the world is looking towards hybrid technology as a means of controlling rising fuel consumption. At the same time a very small percentage of the population can afford gasoline electric hybrid vehicles since they cost much more than regular fuel run cars and are also costlier to maintain. So where does the solution lie? If you look at what a lot of enterprising vehicle owners are doing then you might realize that running cars on water is the way to go!

Running cars on water? A large majority of people think that the whole concept of running cars on water is a big hoax but luckily this is not so. Hybrid technology that uses a combination of power produced by water and gasoline is as real as electricgasoline hybrids and cars that run solely on electricity. The best part about this technology however is that it is much cheaper than both these methods and there is absolutely no need to pay thousands of dollars extra for running your car on water. All you need is a couple of hundred bucks to install a doityourself kit in your car.

These kits that let you run your car on water are available on reputed internet sites and come with a manual giving stepbystep instructions for turning your care into a hybrid. Since it is all pretty simple to assemble you do not even need to pay for a mechanic. The kit works by converting water into a gas HHO known by numerous names like Hydroxy and Hybrid Hydrogen Oxygen where the hydrogen part is used as an alternative fuel to provide energy to run your cars engine.

While running your car on water does not mean that you will have to stop filling up your tank with gasoline it definitely means that you will be using only 75 to 50 of the gasoline that you were using earlier. So converting your car into a watergasoline hybrid essentially means that you will be saving a huge amount on your gas bills.

Since hydrogen is a much more efficient fuel than gasoline you will also end up saving money on maintenance and your engine life will increase. Another way in which you will save money by installing a watergas hybrid technology kit in your car is tax rebate since both state and the federal governments provide tax rebates on environment friendly cars. Apart from saving money by running your car on water you will also be able to do your bit for Mother Earth by reducing the amount of pollution that your vehicle pumps into the air by more than half. So how about going hybrid now?

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How To Know If You Hired The Best Limo Service

Renting a limo is an important choice. After all you don’t want to hire a limo service only to end up with bad service and a horrible time. Limos are usually rented for important events and you definitely don’t want to ruin an important event with bad service from the limo company. So what should you be looking for when hiring a good limo service? Here are a few important tips and ideas to help you know if you hired the best limo service out there.

Investigate the Company
First of all investigating the company is very important if you are hiring a limo service. To make sure that you hire the best one take time to do a bit of investigating. Find out everything that you can about this company before you use their services. Read about them online if you can look for ratings by previous customers and you may even want to check with the Better Business Bureau as well for important information. If you see negative reviews or feedback on the company think twice before hiring this specific limo service.

Try Shopping Around
Shopping around is an excellent idea if you want to ensure you get a top quality limo service. Find several limo companies and check them out. Compare the options they have available their customer service and of course their prices. Usually it’s not the best idea to go with the first company you find. So compare several different limo services to make sure you get the one that is top quality for your limo needs.

They Should Cater to Your Needs
A good limo service should cater to your needs. Customer service is one of the most important things to look for in a good limo service. You can begin to find out how they treat customers just by giving them a call to ask about what they have to offer. Take note of how you are treated when you call for information. If the service is bad in the beginning it probably is not going to get better later on. Look for a company that is polite willing to work with you and that provides the best customer service possible.

Look for Quality Limos
Quality limos are a must when you are hiring a limo service. You want to make sure that they aren’t hiring out run down limos that are old and nasty. Make sure that you actually see the limo you are going to get before you hire it. This can prevent a nasty surprise on your important day. If the limos are in disrepair or they are old this probably is not the limo service you want to work with.

Check into Packages Available
Last of all check into the packages that are available from the limo service. Check into what is included in their packages before you sign anything. Are there going to be extra fees to worry about? Look for a quality package that will be all inclusive for a great deal when you are choosing a service for your limo needs.

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